Beauty & Personal Care

Beauty:  Cosmetics & Fragrances
When it comes to packaging for Cosmetic and Fragrance brands, the right image is everything.  At DISC, we are always looking for that intangible something extra that will set a brand apart and inspire someone to pick up a package and take it home.
To that end, our team is highly focused on how to best define and maximize shelf appeal.  Companies in this high-profile, competitive market want packaging to express the essence of the product inside -- whether it is a new launch, a line extension or a promotional gift item.   Color must be spot-on and consistent.  Quality must be top drawer.  Design, in graphics, photography or form, must be a cut above the expected.
We accomplish these goals with a combination of proven experience, a sharp eye for detail, and the right processes.  Our decorative treatments, both standard and custom, are continually evolving to meet the challenge.  We’ve recently added in-line cold foil stamping and magnetic closures to our tool chest of stamping, embossing, die-cutting, and finishing techniques.  And, we have a range of special inks, coatings and boards at our disposal for you.  Ask more of us, and we will deliver.
Personal Care
The Personal Care market has exploded in recent years with more and more product categories vying for consumer attention.  DISC understands the criteria for innovative, brand-centered packaging that will cut through the clutter for hair, skin, shaving, bath, and other personal care products for both men and women.  

We remain a full-service partner for our Personal Care clients, helping them to meet the economic, marketing and environmental issues we all face today.  Our response time is swift and always begins from a baseline of world-class quality, exceptional customer satisfaction, and advanced technologies in prepress, print and manufacturing.