Consumer Products


Food & Beverages
Companies that market and deliver food & beverage products are looking for packaging with the very best in quality, safety, function, and shelf appeal.  They need a packager accustomed to producing amazing looking package designs that are innovative and eye-catching. 
At the same time, the packaging must meet FDA quality and safety requirements for food products. At DISC, we do the job right, covering the gamut from distilled spirits to bakery and dessert items.
Sporting Goods 
Packaging for golf, soccer, tennis, and other recreational sports has become increasingly sophisticated and just as competitive as “the game.”  DISC excels at developing folding cartons and corrugated packaging with the same “pop” and attention to detail found in beauty packaging.
Folding cartons with dynamic graphics punctuated with high gloss and special coatings, embossing, and stamping compete successfully for player attention on the golf circuit.  Corrugated boxes with full-color labels reach their end goals with the same flourish.
Electronics, Publishing, Home Products
What do these diverse market segments have in common?  They all require brand-centered packaging that communicates value, quality and upscale appeal to drive consumer sales.  A new video camera may benefit from a substantial carton structure enhanced with multiple coatings to convey value.
A language software series may require a special magnetic closure as well as high-gloss coatings and embossing.  A boutique candle collection may need a customized stock and cosmetic-caliber finishing.  Whatever the product or segment of the market, DISC takes a fresh view and creates a package to fit the goals of the product.