GreenLeader: Newsday’s GreenStreet LI


DISC was recognized as a “GreenLeader” in Newsday’s GreenStreetLI program, a grassroots initiative that salutes companies that demonstrate a strong focus on protecting the environment through sound “green” business practices.
The company joined an elite group of Long Island-based organizations after an examination of programs designed to reduce our environmental footprint and that of our clients.  
  • DISCover Green, a program that re-interprets the 3R’s of sustainable packaging:  Re-Think, Re-Size and Re-Construct.  Through this initiative, we work closely with clients to reduce the environmental impact of packaging through innovative “green” design and production.
  • Promotion of recycled, recyclable and FSC-certified paper and board material.
  • Participation in the LIPA (Long Island Power Alliance) Commercial Efficiency Program to conserve energy by installing energy-efficient lighting and motion sensors.
  • Recycling heat generated by air compressors in our plant during the winter months.
  • Conversion to alternative energy sources through the EPA Green Power Partnership and Renewable Choice Energy.
  • Companywide recycling programs for paper, paperboard, plastic, and chemical waste.
  • Community recycling program sponsorships.