New Patent Extends Protection to Other U.S. and International Market Uses

HAUPPAUGE, NEW YORK [December 14, 2015] – DISC, a leading source of specialty packaging solutions for more than 40 years, announced today that the company has been granted a third U.S. patent for its NEO Blu-ray Disc® package. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) approved the package’s third patent, which covers its unique composite material design and components, less than 18 months after DISC was awarded its initial patent for the NEO package.

“We are very excited to receive a third U.S. patent for NEO,” said John Rebecchi, senior vice president, marketing and new business development and director for DISC. “The initial patent, granted in November 2014, covers the overall design, manufacture and assembly of the NEO Blu-ray Disc media package. In order to strengthen the company’s development of the packaging for other uses and markets, we applied for and were granted an expanded patent to cover specific aspects of its design, components and utility.”

DISC Chief Strategy Officer Richard Roth concurs. “We are well positioned in the high-end multi-disc packaging market within the home entertainment industry. However, given the competitive nature of the industry, and the efforts of others to create packaging that could potentially compete with ours, we feel it’s critical to secure comprehensive international protection of our intellectual property. This new patent is a major advance for the product.” The company is also launching NEO-lite, an O-sleeve version for standard DVD and Blu-ray cases.

NEO’s signature design element that makes it a standout package is its proprietary PixelChrome™ mutli-layered technology. The newly secured patent protection on this composite is a watershed development. Incorporating highly reflective lithographic Material, it provides a super-glossy canvas on frameless art panels to showcase title graphics. The seamless effect of multiple discs imprinted with the same graphics and held in embedded printed cavities adds to the dramatic impact of the product.

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NEO™, PixelChrome™ and DISC are trademarks of Disc Graphics, Inc. Patents are pending.
Blu-ray Disc® is a registered trademark of Blu-ray Disc Association.

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