The DISC portfolio reflects the best of our best packaging and print for leading companies in the markets we serve.  Many packages introduce or showcase a product.  Others manifest and strengthen brand strategy.  All deliver on our promise of innovation, creativity and high production value.  



Challenge: As part of their Walmart environmental initiative, LNK International requested ways to reduce their carbon  footprint and minimize waste from their supply chain.  

Solution: DISC responded by designing a system to reuse shippers that delivered LNK product to their warehouse.   It consisted of a closed-loop process for delivery and return of reusable polypropylene shipping  containers.  After delivery, trucks returning to DISC brought back empty containers.  As a result, we  successfully reduced nearly 300,000 pounds of waste corrugated material.  In addition, the reduction of  SBS paperboard from 16-point caliper to 15-point caliper reduced consumption by 6.25%.