The DISC portfolio reflects the best of our best packaging and print for leading companies in the markets we serve.  Many packages introduce or showcase a product.  Others manifest and strengthen brand strategy.  All deliver on our promise of innovation, creativity and high production value.  


Origins Plantscription Eye Discovery Display


Create an upscale and reusable display that would present 2 product samples and an interactive slide card that illustrated product attributes.


Our development team chose acrylic to address the aesthetic design direction and fulfill the reusability requirement. The base unit is made with ¾ inch thick frosted acrylic supported with acrylic legs. The top “removable” layer was made from clear ¼ inch thick PET. Sandwiched between is a 5/c graphic that not only had the copy and product images, but also contained the interactive slide card. The center layer is made from 2 layers of 24 PT SBS laminated to a top layer of ultra-white printed polystyrene. The pull card is printed on polystyrene that will hold up to handling by consumers and set into a die cut cavity that allowed for the “pull” action. The re-useable aspect of the display was achieved by designing a complex combination of routed “steps” and “height-adjustment” spacers into the base unit for future programs which would only require updated graphics.