The DISC portfolio reflects the best of our best packaging and print for leading companies in the markets we serve.  Many packages introduce or showcase a product.  Others manifest and strengthen brand strategy.  All deliver on our promise of innovation, creativity and high production value.  


Reebok All Terrain Series: BUILT SPARTAN STRONG


Create a dramatic, sturdy box set to introduce the Reebok All Terrain Series of running shoes. The goal was to effectively promote the new obstacle racing course footwear as well as the international Reebok Spartan Race to a select group of race champions and celebrity athletes.


Everything about the Reebok Influencer box was designed to convey a feeling of strength, ruggedness and endurance. The box consists of a base, collar and lid that are robust and strong enough to hold and protect the product during shipping. The box’s sturdiness reflects the strength and endurance of the athletes who participate in the grueling Spartan obstacle racing sport. The foam inserts were specially engineered with die-cuts designed to hold the shoes securely in place. The shoes fit tightly in two shaped wells – one shoe placed heel and sole side down and the other in profile. Foam plugs were cut, inserted and glued in place to adjust the depth of the cavities to accommodate different shoe sizes. A third well holds a Reebok Spartan brand promotional T-shirt.