The DISC portfolio reflects the best of our best packaging and print for leading companies in the markets we serve.  Many packages introduce or showcase a product.  Others manifest and strengthen brand strategy.  All deliver on our promise of innovation, creativity and high production value.  


Trish McEvoy Fragrances


Create high-end packaging to support the brand's message of luxury, beauty and sophistication. In order to differentiate itself from its competition among luxury fragrance products, Trish McEvoy decided to replace its original folding cartons with rigid boxes for these two fragrances that would evoke feelings of glamour, luxury and indulgence. The client also wanted the boxes to serve a second purpose, that of glamorous keepsakes.


The structural design and graphics teams collaborated to develop an exceptional box design that would meet all requirements for marketing and protecting the perfume products, as well as serving post-sale as a luxurious keepsake gift box. The graphics provided by the client’s designer and creative team were kept simple, sophisticated and elegant to reflect the company's brand identity and the upscale quality and consistency of the product. Both boxes were designed to be viewed vertically, with simple, elegant branding and graphics that were clean and sophisticated. They were engineered to be free standing and to open from the side to reveal the product inside – features that helped both fragrances stand out from the competition on the crowded luxury fragrance counter. Each step in the printing, finishing and converting processes was closely monitored for quality and consistency. Finishing included the design of a Mylar inset (silver for the Jasmine product, gold for the Rose product) with angled walls and side die-cuts to hold the perfume bottles.

Awards: 2013 Paperboard Packaging Council Gold Award