When the NEO Blu-ray disc package grabbed the attention of major film studios last year it demonstrated how innovative ideas can change the marketing strategy of an entire industry. Now DISC introduces the application of NEO to the beauty market by transforming its aesthetic appeal and structural integrity for use as a folding carton. The NEO cartons incorporate DISC’s patent pending process that utilizes a composite of APET plastic and Silver Mylar lamination, which is combined with a cut score to create an exceptionally square edged carton. We are also launching NEO-lite, an o-sleeve version for standard DVD and Blu-ray cases. Other markets we’re focused on include vinyl record jackets, CDs and video games.



In the 37 years since the introduction of the Digital Disc for delivery of various media there has never been a package that brought together performance, graphic excellence, superior quality and sheer beauty in a single form, until now.  

Consider NEO. Sleek, clean, immensely satisfying to handle and touch, guardian of the contents within. Unobtrusively functional from closure to disc retention, lacking any unnecessary embellishment to detract from graphic panels that might have come straight from the silver screen, NEO speaks to you, an object of desire.

Physical Media Packaging for a Digital World

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About NEO™

The NEO package is a dynamic, patent pending Blu-ray™ disc package that is a visually stunning and sleek alternative to traditional special packaging.  Designed for collector-level Blu-ray disc products, it answers the call for new, advanced, contemporary packaging for multi-disc film, video game and music compilation releases. NEO’s frameless, hyper-glossy art panels provide a seamless presentation ground for title graphics. The current package is designed to hold two discs in embedded printed cavities using a unique retention method that is at once robust and unobtrusive. Three and four disc versions of the NEO package will be available in late Q1 2014. 

The NEO package includes a revolutionary lithographic material, PixelChrome, ™ a patent pending design that incorporates highly reflective substrates in a multi-layer composite – much more consistent with smart phone technology than traditional plastic disc cases – to produce packaging with unprecedented finish. A major functional component to safeguard the contents is the hidden magnet that maintains a secure, yet soft closure.   

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