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NEO patents

U.S. 9305598 B2; U.S. D717164; U.S. D742741; CN ZL 201430118759.0; EP Community Designs 002458224-0001, 002458224-0002, and 002458224-0003; CA156501; CA162494; MX44115; and other U.S. and Foreign Patents Pending


NEO® (TM Reg. No.: 4,725,463, registered April 21, 2015)

for the goods “packaging containers of plastic for storage media; plastic containers all for use in packaging for home, healthcare, entertainment and media, beauty, cosmetic and personal care industries, and for consumer products in the nature of food and beverages industry, sporting goods industry, electronics industry, home products industry, publishing industry.”

NEO® and other NEO trademarks are the property of Disc Graphics, Inc.
DISC GRAPHICS® (U.S. Reg. No.: 2,313,671)
DISC® (logo) U.S. Reg. No. 4,669,795, registered January 13, 2015