Sustainable Packaging

Creating sustainable packaging requires a balanced approach.  We need to weigh the environment, performance expectations, brand, value and cost.

How do we define sustainable packaging?

To create a definition we need to look at the expected role of packaging combined with the generally recognized attributes of sustainable packaging.

The role of packaging

• Preserve and protect the product
• Communicate and educate
• Offers convenience: portion control, single serve, shelf ready, easy to display, transport or store
• Packaging helps sell the product and convey the brand’s image and value

General attributes of sustainable packaging

• Packaging weight and volume has been reduced – source reduction.
• Waste-to-landfill outcomes have been reduced through designed in recyclability, reusability or degradability of the substrate
• Lower environmental impact in terms of resources used as well as emissions to air and water
• Packaging that effectively reduces waste through extending shelf-life and prevents damage or contamination
• Packaging that is able to effectively communicate and engage consumers as to brand attributes and sustainable credentials


Sustainable Packaging is defined as packaging that achieves its intended role while minimizing resource requirements and maximizing opportunities for recovery, recycling and reuse, and reduce its impact from end-of-life disposal.

At DISC we work with clients, suppliers and stakeholders to ensure that we strike a balance of business and eco-friendly objectives to develop packaging systems that will be sustainable for future generations.

For more information on how we can help you review your packaging and improve its sustainability and minimize it environmental impact please contact your sales representative or John Rebecchi, Senior Vice President


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Eco-Resource Guide (Single click below to view)

DISCover Green Program

Our DISCover Green Program was developed to provide sustainable packaging solutions. The mission statement of this program – “Moving Eco-Consciousness into Action” – is one that we take seriously and literally, and we have the “green” credentials to prove it.

We have been an FSC Chain-of-Custody supplier and an EPA Green Power Partner since 2007, reflecting our commitment to use renewable materials and energy responsibly. We seek out ways to give you “greener” options – from adding energy-efficient in-line cold foil stamping and DISCover Green Paper, to creating re-usable shippers for clients like LNK International to reduce your carbon footprint.

We are your partner in a step-by-step process to discover new environmentally-friendly possibilities – with a fresh spin on the traditional R’s of sustainable packaging:  Rethink / Resize / Reconstruct.

Step 1:  Define Your Objectives.  The objectives of your environmental strategy become our roadmap to a successful eco-design program for you.  We begin with source reduction options, finding ways to right-size your packaging or decrease energy requirements.  We replace non-sustainable materials with recycled, recyclable or certified choices.

Step 2:  Create Packaging that Matches Those Objectives.  It does not stop with choosing “greener” materials and processes.  We evaluate product and package lifecycles, distribution and sales channels, and potential consumer value perception.  

Step 3:  Measure the Results.  At the end of the day, we want to know that what we do makes a difference.  Our Eco-Resource Coordinator and design team work with you to meet your objectives – and then prove it by calculating the metrics that demonstrate the eco-effectiveness of the packaging we design for you.

DISCover Green Paper

Paper Made with Sustainability in Mind

An exclusive DISC offering, DISCover Green Paper is a tree-free, energy-efficient alternative to conventional wood-fiber based paper.  It is made from readily available calcium carbonate mineral powder and small amounts of plastic resin used as a binding agent. 

Compared with conventional paper, it uses a third less energy, zero water and no chlorine during the manufacturing process and emits 50% less CO2, resulting in a low carbon footprint. It is recyclable when collected with #2 plastic packaging waste.

DISCover Green is a bright white paper with good printability and excellent color contrast that will bring your graphics to life.