The DISC portfolio reflects the best of our best packaging and print for leading companies in the markets we serve.  Many packages introduce or showcase a product.  Others manifest and strengthen brand strategy.  All deliver on our promise of innovation, creativity and high production value.  


Special Packaging


PERFORMIX™ incorporates advanced time released technology into this cutting edge supplement and the packaging carries the message of its unique positioning into an otherwise crowded market.


Produce a carton with outstanding shelf presence in a vertical format that offers a product billboard on the shelf. Our customer, Corr-Jensen Laboratories, Inc., wanted a distinct look and feel, and asked us to utilize the latest print and coating technologies to match up with the cutting edge nature of the product.


DISC® used a rigid, full telescoping box construction made from 60pt. black vat-dyed chipboard wrapped with printed 80lb paper which provides a stable base to hold the product and generates a full panel to billboard the brand. The paper wrap is printed with a dense black, and four color process for the primary images and a color specifier for each product in the line. Printing and coating were done inline on our state-of-the-art Komori press with a double coater that applied both the soft-feel and high-gloss coatings in a single pass. The gloss was applied to the process areas to highlight these eye catching design elements and distinguish them from the black background. The internal platform is a black printed 18pt. SBS die cut unit with soft-feel coating to provide a continuous look and feel to the box. Trapezoidal cutouts on the lid form thumb notches with accent colors highlighting their position on the base.  The result is a package that reflects this unique and cutting edge supplement.  



DISC has worked with NxStage, a leading provider of home dialysis technology, on several promotional campaigns for dimensional mailers and promotional kits. NxStage launched their System One™, an innovative home dialysis unit and needed a way for sales reps to show the actual unit without taking one on the road. DISC was challenged to design and produce a demo unit that looks exactly like the actual unit but is light weight and tough.


DISC experimented with a variety of substrates and design concepts. The final product was a vacuum formed high-density plastic replica with printed graphics to show the front control panel. At less than 10-pounds the unit travels with the representative to show the compact size and ease of use of this revolutionary medical product. It also demonstrates how DISC can be materials neutral in deciding what’s best for the customer and having the capability to execute on the design.

Packaged…Naturally 2011 Calendar

The DISC 2011 Calendar is a self-promotion piece that is designed to stimulate the conversation on how nature influences package design. The calendar plays homage to natural packaging that sustains and protects life. The challenge was to communicate this aim while demonstrating the graphic and creative potential of the printing processes and special treatments that can accentuate the look, feel and impact of product packaging.

The DISC team approached this project just as it would the creation of premiere packaging solutions for our clients. The result is a showcase of printing techniques, coatings and special decorative treatments. It effectively demonstrates the visual and tactile tools at our disposal and the creativity and high production value we have come to be known for among our clients in the markets we serve.
The Details:
  • Cover: 120# McCoy gloss cover stock; grid pages: 80# McCoy silk cover; image pages: 80# McCoy gloss cover
  • Several printing processes: offset lithography using 4-color process, special PMS colors or Hexachrome™ 6-color process, as well as digital printing
  • Multi-level and sculpted embossing, foil stamping
  • Film lamination and various coatings, such as matte and gloss UV, aqueous, soft touch and reticulating
  • Wire-O binding and magnetic closure
Green Bonus:
Paper used for this calendar is recyclable and sourced from well-managed sustainable forestry.

Lamisil Advanced Gel

Novartis, a leader in the pharmaceutical industry, needed a premium, cutting-edge package to launch its advanced formula Lamisil Gel anti-fungal product for athlete’s foot. It had to have strong shelf appeal while communicating the benefits of the product to consumers.

DISC designed a pillow-pack style plastic carton printed in six colors and foil stamped. The carton contained a holographic foil panel that provided a back-lit appearance for the product. The result was a high-tech look with high-impact shelf appeal. DISC has the technology and capabilities to print, die-cut, stamp, coat, and finish spectacular plastic packaging, completely in-house for clients in any market.
The Details:
  • Stand-up pillow-pack style carton
  • 12 mil PVC clear plastic, holographic foil paper
  • Offset lithography
  • 4-color process plus 2 hits of white
  • Silver foil stamping and security tags

Charmed: The Complete Series

Design a 49-disc deluxe set for the popular Charmed television series that mirrors the Book of Shadows used in the show. The package holds the discs as well as graphic panels depicting characters and images from the various seasons. The set, which is housed in a book carrier to ensure undamaged arrival at retail, must fit in the equivalent space of the width of two standard DVD cases.

DISC created a book-style package that mimics an antique book, complete with leather-like cover and deckled edge. The pages form double pocket jackets to hold the discs, with 4-color graphics printed on each page. The book sits in a rigid box that carries it to the retail shelf. Descriptive and legal copy requirements are prominently displayed so that the book stays true to the original one from the show.
The Details:
  • 49-disc Set-up Book
  • Cover: 128# GSM Art gloss; spine: 128# GSM Art paper; ends: 140# GSM wood free stock; text: 120# GSM Free paper; sleeve stock: 230# GSM Art cover C2S
  • Offset Lithography
  • 4/4: 4-color process, matte lamination on package, matte varnish sleeves
  • Die-cut deckle edge on book pages
  • Two ribbons, one red and one black, glued in place
Green Bonus:
Paperboard and paper used are recyclable and sourced from well-managed sustainable forestry.