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DISC provides an array of decorating capabilities for both labels and cartons that includes specialized coatings, cold foil and hot foil stamping, embossing, and printing on metallized substrates.

Quality Focused

We’re all about commitment and accountability. It’s what drives us towards quality performance, production integrity, and customer satisfaction.

Building Your Brand

We listen to your creative ideas, product requirements, and market expectations. Once the facts are gathered, we focus on producing the high-quality, brand-centered packaging you so rightly demand.

Customer Confidence

Through a close working relationship commited to truly understanding your unique situation, we will do whatever it takes to realize your objectives, your vision, and earn your confidence.


The DISC Quality Management System is built on strict adherence to national and international criteria as exemplified by the FDA’s current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) regulations and ISO 9001:2015 compliance. […]

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Health & Beauty

When it comes to Cosmetic, Personal Care, and Fragrance brand packaging, the right image is everything. At DISC, we are always looking for that intangible something extra that will set […]

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Health & Beauty
Consumer Goods

What do these diverse market segments have in common? They all require brand-centered packaging that communicates value, quality and upscale appeal to drive consumer sales. A new video camera may […]

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Consumer Goods

DISC has a growing presence in the confectionary, natural foods, sweetener, and diet markets. Too often these markets struggled with the tradeoff of lower costs for high quality. At DISC […]

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DISC began as an in-plant printing facility for a record pressing plant in 1969 under the name Disc Graphics. Our first product was record labels for 33 1/3 LPs, also known as “disc labels” so hence the name of the company.

The record pressing plant was sold by its parent company Pickwick International in 1982, and the management team acquired the DISC facility in 1983. As technology advanced, the name DISC still fit, and over the subsequent years, we changed direction and greatly diversified our products.



Innovation is a mixture of new technologies, novel application of conventional processes, or original designs to create extraordinary packaging. Our approach is to understand the customer’s aesthetic, functional, or budgetary […]

Pantone Extended Gamut

Extended Gamut refers to an expansion of the colors that can be achieved beyond traditional 4- color process printing. When Orange, Green, and Violet (OGV) inks are added to traditional […]


DISC’s finishing and converting capabilities top off our line-up for the packaging and labeling products we manufacture. We take great care to ensure that the final steps in our process […]


The leading edge equipment found in DISC’s printing systems form the basis of a strategy to produce your packaging and labels to perfection. We refine and reinvest in advanced technologies […]

Decorative Effects

Unleash your creativity with our impressive palette of decorative effects to create excitement, value, and brand differentiation. These graphic treatments are part of the in-house services that we provide to […]

Design and Pre-Press

At DISC, we’re all about the power of good design. Our approach is to create incredible packaging that connects, inspires, functions, protects, and delivers. Ultimately, we both want to sell […]

Folding Cartons and Labels

Folding cartons are unquestionably the most versatile form of packaging used to market products in all categories. At DISC, we offer our clients the advantage of that versatility plus choices […]

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