Decorative Effects - Disc Graphics

Decorative Effects


Unleash your creativity with our impressive palette of decorative effects to create excitement, value, and brand differentiation. These graphic treatments are part of the in-house services that we provide to companies in all markets.


Special Inks, Coatings & Substrates

A variety of sensory effects are achievable just by changing one or more elements in the mix.

  • New ink formulas add luster, sheen, mood, and extra “pop” – pearlescent, metallic,
    fluorescent, glow-in-the-dark, heat and photo-sensitive, custom pigments – and the list
    goes on
  • Unique coatings provide a variety of aesthetic experiences:
    • Luminous pearlescent appearance
    • Smooth and subtle DISC “Soft Feel” suppleness
    • Gritty or sandpaper-rough textures
    • Reticulating patterns
    • Water drop and blood splatter coating liquidity
    • Shimmery glitter and sparkle
  • Special substrates can give packaging a new life:
    • Foil or mylar-laminated board in various colors and patterns – from fine-textured to geometrics to holography
    • Simulated leather and fabric coated board
    • Clear, translucent and solid plastics
    • Eco-friendly options
    • Specialty paperboard with unique textures and/or colors
Embossing and Foil Stamping

These 3-D effects can be used alone or in combination to create upscale sophistication or clever playfulness.

  • Graphics emphasized with embossing or de-bossing
  • Blind embossing on a solid or unprinted ground
  • Multi-level and deep sculpted embossing
  • Combination embossing and foil stamping effects
  • Hot foil stamping in a variety of foil leaf metallics and colors as well as transparent foil

As one of the few printers in the United States with inline cold foil capabilities, we’ve perfected the use of this unique decorating process that applies foil directly to sheets during the printing process. The foil application is precise and registers perfectly to the graphics. Once applied, the foil can be overprinted with up to 6 ink colors or a combination of inks and coatings to create a wide range of colors and designs.

Cold Foil Case Study – Living Proof Holiday Cartons

Living Proof, a hair care product company that uniquely combines the passion of hairstylists with patented biotechnology from MIT wanted to create the look of gift set packaging wrapped with expensive pattern foil paper. The assignment was to make the carton glisten and shine, but not be holiday specific – the gift of great looking hair is for any holiday. The resulting award winning carton was decorated using silver cold foil printed in a geometric interlocking weave pattern that borders a repeating hexagon shape printed in vibrant colors with gloss UV coating and embossed.