Finishing - Disc Graphics



DISC’s finishing and converting capabilities top off our line-up for the packaging and labeling products we manufacture. We take great care to ensure that the final steps in our process – die cutting, folding & gluing, and specialized requirements – reflect the same quality and attention to detail you are accustomed to receiving from us. We’ve invested in technology to assure that cartons are finished to your specifications. This includes our Bobst Experfold folder/gluer with the Accucheck inline camera inspection system, and our new Bobst 106 PER die cutter with Power Registration that optically registers sheets at machine speeds for improved productivity and quality.

Bobst Experfold with Accucheck

The final steps in the production of a folding carton or special package are often the most critical. Performed to perfection, they help to ensure product integrity as well as functionality. DISC offers a range of folding and gluing options to match the construction, configuration, and requirements of the packaging we produce. Some projects also require fulfillment operations. We have the capabilities to apply source tags for electronic article surveillance in-line for consumer product packaging. Coupons and promotional cards can be placed directly on packaging prior to gluing or wrapping them for shipment.

Assembly & Fulfillment

DISC provides an extensive array of assembly and fulfillment services to support our customer’s requirements for turnkey services. This next step allows our customers to issue a single purchase order encompassing folding cartons, labels, product pack-out assembly and fulfillment so that DISC is a one-stop-shop for all these products and services.

Services Include:

  • Packaging and Assembly
  • Hand gluing
  • Displays
  • Kitting
  • Labeling
  • Source tagging
  • Automated application of pouches and packets
  • Inkjet coding
  • Secured Facility and Inventory